What is RNDeer?

RNDeer is the ultimate resource for nurses and nursing students still in school. RNDeer began as a listing website for Nurse Residency programs but has since expanded into providing user review space for Nursing Schools, Hospitals and Travel Nursing Companies. Our mission is to help bring transparency to the world of nursing. Wherever you are from and wherever you want to end up, we want to help you get there!

Who started RNDeer?

RNDeer was started by David Paxton, a Commerce Student at University of Virginia, in response to complaints of his girlfriend as she went through nurse recruiting. After hearing about all the issues surrounding the application process, he set about making the whole job search easier and create the ultimate resource for nurses. With the help of some friends, he researched the programs, built the website and set about changing the way nurses went through recruitment. If you would like to get in contact, feel free to email him at David@RNDeer.com

How can I help out?

Managing a database of over 5,000 listings is hard. If you see any mistakes or broken links, shoot me an email at David@RNDeer.com and I will try my best to fix the problem. If you have any additional feedback or thoughts, I always like to hear from Nurses too!